Britain announced late yesterday, Saturday, strict new measures to cope with the increasing infection with the Coronavirus, including imposing fines of up to 10 thousand pounds (13 thousand dollars) on people who violate the quarantine procedures.

This week, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned that the United Kingdom is facing a “second epidemic wave”, which prompted him to put new restrictions on millions of people.

Johnson said that as of September 28, every British citizen will be obligated to self-isolate if he is tested positive for the virus or has been informed of the need by the National Health Service’s examination and tracing program.

Johnson added in a statement that “the best way to combat this virus is for everyone to follow procedures and self-isolate if they are at risk of transmitting the Corona virus to other people.”

He warned, “No one should underestimate the importance of this matter. The new procedures mean that you are legally obligated to do so.”

Currently, people who have had symptoms of Covid-19 or have had a positive test are required to quarantine for 10 days, and those who live with people who have symptoms or have had positive tests must quarantine themselves for 14 days.

Officials stated that the new fines will start from one thousand pounds for those who violate the quarantine procedures after travel, and rise to 10 thousand pounds in the event of repetition of the violation, while the worst violations are related to companies that threaten employees who isolate themselves with dismissal.

To urge citizens to abide by, low-income earners will be able to claim an additional sum of EGP 500 if they are unable to work from home during the quarantine period.

“While most people do their best to comply with procedures, I don’t want to see a situation in which people feel they are financially unable to self-isolate,” Johnson said.