Informed sources revealed that hundreds of passports (Article 17) intended for illegal residents (Bidun) have been canceled, after discovering that there is no database for them, as a result of their owners obtaining them through illegal means.

The sources said, “The beginning was with the discovery of many passports that do not have a database because their owners extracted them through wasta or through illegal means, which made officials of the General Administration of Nationality and Travel Documents review thousands of files for these passports, to find that hundreds do not meet the conditions. And they obtained the passport Article 17 by illegal means .

They added, “The Nationality and Passports Sector has assigned a number of officers in the management of travel documents to review all the files of those who possess these passports, and whoever is proven to have obtained them by illegal means is placed a (block) on his name in the ports, and thus his passport becomes null and is withdrawn and prevented from traveling, He is asked to review the Nationality and Passports Department to investigate him about how he obtained the passport.

The sources clarified that “the conditions for granting the passport of Article 17 are specific, and include the children of Kuwaiti women and their spouses, and it is devoted to study and treatment, and only 65 counters benefit from it,” noting that “during the audit it was found that a number of passport holders have security restrictions, as well as a lack of conformity.