The Public Authority for Civil Information has addressed both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Interior, and the General Administration of Civil Aviation in the State of Kuwait to use the Kuwait Mobile ID application to prove the residency of an expatriate when traveling. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the circular to its affiliated bodies such as foreign embassies in the country and the embassies of the State of Kuwait abroad, as well as to the Ministry of the Interior to circulate it at airports and border crossings, as well as to the Civil Aviation Administration to circulate it to airlines, tourism and travel offices and airports around the world regarding allowing expatriates to enter the country using The application of My Identity.

Al-Asousi added that everyone who has a digital civil card (“my identity”) can use the application to prove his residency and then enter the country through it, in addition to using it in all official dealings as it replaces the original civil card and contains its data, in accordance with Ministerial Resolution No. 1 of 2020.

Al-Asousi indicated that the digital civil ID is downloaded by using the “My Identity” application on smartphones, and it is issued to citizens as well as expatriates who hold valid legal residency, and it is inferred with the presence of residency data and can be read automatically by all official and private authorities in the country.