It seems that something has changed in the annual sales plans of the American company, “Apple”, which is clearly not spared from the repercussions of the Corona virus, with the upcoming new iPhone 12 devices not being launched, contrary to the annual habit of the brand, as the company announced the launch of the “Apple Watch” watch. And the new iPad only, without giving any details about the launch dates of the latest iPhone versions.
Here, the delay in the new version of the iPhone, unlike what is followed with previous versions, was linked to the existence of manufacturing problems, and the delay in the preparations resulting from the global ban for many months due to Corona, which affected the flows of supplies and raw materials needed for manufacturing.
As customers and online stores await the deadlines for the launch of new devices that will work with fifth generation technologies for the first time in the history of “Apple”, some are betting on the continuation of the race locally to join the list of the first buyers of the new “iPhone”, while others reduce the glow of this race without interruption.
The race to the iPhone will likely be different this year, in light of the great changes that have occurred in the behavior of consumers, citizens and residents of Kuwait, especially as many companies are forced to reduce salaries or terminate the service of many workers due to Corona.
As a natural result, there are those who believe that the road to acquiring a new iPhone, if it is available, will not be as crowded as usual, at least by residents, who are more inclined to save in the face of any job developments that may occur to them in the near future.
At the same time, e-store owners are betting on the issue of postponing loan installments for a period of 6 months, which ends at the end of this month, as they consider that the delay allowed customers to continue their luxury behavior, driven by the financial surpluses that result from it, which can be used to buy the new version upon its launch on next period.
What reinforces these expectations are the “online” sales figures, which indirectly showed the existence of a demand for expensive goods. This is shown by the statistics published by “Al-Rai” in its issue on September 10, entitled “The spending of citizens and residents increased 7 times.” It was prepared by the electronic banking services company, KNET, about the withdrawals of last August.
The general manager of sales in an electronics company attributed the delay in bringing the device to the market to the lack of clarity that dominates the world until today, due to travel conditions, quarantine, and the continued high numbers of infections with the Coronavirus.
He expected the launch of the new devices, even if it was delayed during the time frame approved by “Apple” annually, which is at the beginning of the fall season of each year, indicating that customers are waiting for this period every year in order to change their devices and be proud of carrying the latest ones.
For his part, the CEO of the “Telephone 2000” company, Qassem Obaid, expected that the delay in the manufacturing operations would lead to a similar delay in shipping operations around the world.
He stated that the prices in the first period of launching the upcoming phone from “Apple” will be high due to the lack of supply and the large number of likely demand in light of the continuing difficult travel conditions around the world, indicating that local companies used to buy devices from different sources before they were officially available.
He pointed out that determining the quantities of the markets in the beginning pushes companies to raise prices, especially in light of the great demand for buying iPhones once they are announced.