Informed sources in the Ministry of Electricity and Water revealed that the Minister of Electricity and Water, Dr. Next Sunday, Khaled Al-Fadhel will approve the lists of promotion for 940 employees in the ministry by selection.

The sources said that the promotions will take place retroactively, starting from March 31, after they were delayed during the last period due to the conditions that the country is going through in light of the Corona pandemic and the precautionary measures it has witnessed.

In addition, the financial affairs sector in the ministry approved the statements of the first appendix of excellent works for the year 2019, which include the names of about 1,200 employees whose evaluation was delayed due to problems related to the fingerprint, and the uncertainty at the time of their completion of a period of 180 working days, as stipulated by the conditions of the Civil Service Bureau.

The sources said that the total amount owed to them is about 900 thousand dinars, and that the statements will be sent today, Wednesday, to the Central Bank to put those amounts in the accounts of their owners, and also a statement of Appendix 3 for excellent work for the year 2018, which is related to the grievances of a number of the Ministry’s employees who did not receive The excellent works for the year before last, which numbered 34 employees, were not given an excellent rating at that time. These grievances were settled by a special committee in the ministry and their right to obtain excellent work according to the specified rules was decided. The sources indicated that the finance sector is working first and foremost to complete lists of night shifts for station employees to facilitate their owners obtaining the prescribed amounts, noting that the sector has already transferred the lists of Al-Zour South Station two days ago.