This rise in infections has opened the doors to questions about the upcoming health measures and precautions, especially with the onset of winter and the start of the seasonal flu season, which will pose a great danger if it is accompanied by an outbreak of the epidemic.

Informed sources in the Ministry of Health confirmed that the need to adhere to the health requirements followed against “Corona”, whether during these days or even with the onset of the winter season.

Healthy recommendations The sources said that the most prominent health recommendations that are compatible with Corona injuries and the winter season are related to the necessity of taking preventive vaccinations for pneumonia and seasonal influenza vaccinations, pointing out that they reduce the health risks of a patient who later becomes infected with Corona.

The sources added: The two vaccinations are usually launched at the end of October of each year, and it is likely that they will start early next month, after coordination with the preventive health centers designated for taking vaccinations in health areas. She pointed out that it is advised to take these grafts by the elderly, children and people with chronic diseases who suffer from respiratory problems, provided that they are used by people with special needs first. Occupancy Care In yesterday’s statistics, the «Health» confirmed that the number of people receiving medical care in intensive care departments reached 84 cases; This brings the total to 9514 cases that have been confirmed to have “Covid-19” disease, and are still receiving the necessary medical care. She indicated that the number of swabs carried out during the past 24 hours reached 4,534. For a total of 684204 examinations.