With the cabinet today postponed the transition to the fifth stage of the return to normal life until further notice, informed sources sounded the alarm about the possibility of returning to square one, in what they called the state of “irresponsibility” and the violation of many groups of health requirements and the rules of social distancing, what was reflected In the increase in the number of cases of corona in recent days.

The sources warned that the continuation of gatherings and lack of commitment may double infections in the future, prompting action to close some activities, as happened in some countries whose citizens violated health instructions.

They considered that the decision to postpone the transition to the fifth stage is an indication that the situation calls for the highest degree of caution and caution against the spread of the epidemic.

This comes at a time when the spokesperson of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad, announced today that last week witnessed a 5% increase in the number of cases entering wards and intensive care for Corona patients.

Al-Sanad said that we are still in the first wave of Corona, and the second wave is coming in the event of non-compliance with preventive precautions, stressing that it is very necessary to adhere to health requirements to cross the stage with the best results.

However, the sources warned of the dangers of Corona with the advent of winter and the intermingling of the epidemic with seasonal influenza, calling for avoiding mixing with respiratory patients and those with weak immunity.

Source : https://alqabas.com/article/5800676