Local Arabic newspaper Alrai reported that National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim announced Sunday that he received an official letter from the Minister of Health (MOH) Sheikh Dr. Bassel Al-Sabah recommending canceling a session tomorrow, Tuesday, after two deputies were infected with COVID-19. In a press statement to the National Assembly, Al-Ghanim explained that it is necessary to make sure that there are no other infected people, indicating that the council’s office will meet tomorrow, Monday, to make a decision on this matter.

According to the health protocols, tests for the deputies were scheduled tomorrow, but based on MOH’s letter as well as an attached message from the Assistant Undersecretary for Public Health Affairs on the request to postpone Tuesday’s session, the tests will be conducted next Saturday September 19.

The tests must be conducted on the seventh day from the date of infection to ensure the validity of the results, Al-Ghanim added. He noted that MOHآ‘s letter will be presented to the council’s office at its meeting tomorrow, then the office will decide what it deems appropriate. If there will be a postponement of a session the day after tomorrow, Tuesday, the session will be held on the following Tuesday, Al-Ghanim said.

The tests that take place tomorrow may not show anyone carrying the virus, as they need a certain number of days until the source of the infection is found, based on the protocol, he pointed out. He mentioned that after more than one deputy was sickened, it is not possible to determine the number of people impacted as a result of the three sessions held last week. Al-Ghanim called for a regular session next Tuesday and Wednesday to complete the consideration of the agenda items.

Source: https://www.alraimedia.com/Home/Details?id=a99deb01-e984-4159-b692-ee2826c77b73