Kuwait ranked 101st in the world and 5th in the Gulf region, in the Index of Economic Freedom of 2020, advancing by 13 places.
According to the annual index that includes 162 countries and is based on 2018 data, Kuwait scored 6.60 out of 10 points, which places it in the third category in terms of classification, and makes it below the average in economic freedom.
On the government level, Kuwait scored 5.69 points, ranking 125 globally, which includes the size of government spending, tax rates, the size of government institutions and government investments, while the country scored 4.92 points and was ranked 87th globally in the legal structure and protection of property rights, which includes independence Judiciary, integrity and law enforcement.
On the other hand, the country scored 8.16 points and ranked 99th in the world in ease of access to funds, a component that includes money growth rates and differential standards in inflation rates, in addition to the freedom to open bank accounts in foreign currencies.
Within the freedom of practicing trade at the international level, Kuwait scored 7.28 points, ranking 77th in the world, so this criterion includes a number of factors, including customs tariffs, revenues from commercial taxes, the cost of compliance with imports, exports and economic openness.
In the regulatory provisions scale, the country scored 6.97 points, ranking 98th globally, which measures the effectiveness of regulating credit, employment and business markets