At a time when the arrival of the first winter since the emergence ofCorona” and its spread is approaching, doctors and health professionals have advised to take seasonal influenza vaccinations, and to respond to the campaigns that the Ministry launches annually before the start of this season, indicating that these vaccines work to strengthen the immune system, and then relieve symptoms of infection With Covid-19.

The sources added that seasonal influenza vaccinations will be announced later by the ministry, and it is likely that they will be provided in preventive health centers in health areas during next October, pointing to the importance of taking them by the elderly, children, people with chronic diseases and respiratory diseases, as well as medical personnel and bodies Nursing, currently dealing with the Corona pandemic.

The sources pointed out that the seasonal flu vaccine reduces the incidence of influenza, at a rate of up to 60 percent, in addition to avoiding the emergence of health complications on the body of a person who is infected with Covid-19, noting that there is no scientific study indicating that taking this type From vaccinations it prevents infection withCorona.