Recent study of three thousand people treated in American hospitals during the spring showed that young adults (18-34 years) who suffer from obesity, diabetes or high blood pressure, were more likely to need a ventilator or die from Covid-19.

This study, published by “Gamma International Medicine” magazine, deals with patients who were treated in hospitals between April and June in the country. In hospitals, it reached 57%, and of the people who died or needed a ventilator, their rate was 49%, while they only represent 33% of the American people.

However, the proportion of people who were seriously obese (with a BMI of over 40) was very large, reaching 41% of patients who died or required a respirator. These were followed by people with high blood pressure (31%) and diabetes (27%).

As for young adults who suffer from the three problems (obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes), they were facing a risk of death or the need for a ventilator equivalent to that of healthy adults from the older age groups (35 to 64 years), according to the researchers.

The study adds to a series of other research indicating that obese people face a greater risk of developing more serious complications from Covid-19