Locl Arabic newspaper Alrai reported that the joint tripartite committee ambushed a Filipino and a Filipino woman inside an apartment in Al-Raqi area. They took it as a cosmetic business without medical and health licenses, and they admitted that they were serving “delivery” clients, and they were detained in preparation for their deportation from the country.
Sources revealed that the committee consisting of members of the residency investigation, the inspection department in the workforce, and the Ministry of Health ambushed the Filipinos after information circulated about the presence of residents working on permanent and temporary tattoos using tools of unknown source, using the name of a clinic and a beauty salon.

It indicated that, based on the instructions of the Director General of the Residence Investigation Department, an appointment was agreed upon inside one of the apartments in the Al-Raqi area, and they were arrested and referred to the competent authorities to take the necessary measures and deport them from the country.

The sources added that the Filipinos used to announce the services of permanent and temporary tattooing through the communication sites, and that they were performing the delivery service for some customers, and after they were caught, it became clear that they did not carry any license from the medical authorities to practice this activity, which violates the health and commercial controls and conditions.