Deputy Director of the Public Authority for Manpower for National Labor Sector Affairs Sultan Al-Shaalani revealed that there is a tendency to separate the labor of the branches invested in “cooperatives” from the main file of the associations.

Al-Shaalani told that a meeting was held recently at the headquarters of the Commission in the presence of representatives of the designated authorities to discuss the separation mechanism, indicating that the parties participating in it welcomed the proposal and had no objection to completing the separation process.

He stated that a meeting will be held today,at the Ministry of Affairs, to discuss the mechanism for implementing the separation and to develop a vision for the necessary operational procedures.

In addition, the official spokeswoman for the Manpower, Director of the Public Relations and Media Department at the Authority, Asil Almazed, said that the establishments that receive additional support are obligated to pay the salaries of the national workers registered on their files, whether for the past or next months, and not to terminate their services until June 30, 2021.

Al-Mazyad affirmed that if the companies receiving additional support deducted from the salaries of these workers during the last period due to the Corona crisis, they are obligated to deposit all the deducted sums and salaries in the employees’ accounts before the 15th of this month.