Arabic local newspaper Aljarida reported that The spokesperson for the Public Authority for Manpower, Director of the Public Relations and Media Department, Asil Al-Mazeed said that establishments that receive additional support in accordance with Cabinet Resolution No. 654 issued on May 18, 2020 are obligated to pay the full salaries of national workers registered on their files, whether for the past or future months, and not terminate their services Until June 30, 2021.

In a press statement, more confirmed that the additional support that was disbursed to the establishments that are in line with the decision of the Council of Ministers and the previously announced conditions came with the aim of preserving the gains of the national labor in the private sector and enhancing job security for them, as they have the right to receive their full salaries according to the contracts concluded between them and the companies Working in the private sector.

She stated that in the event that companies had deducted from the salaries of national workers during the last period due to the Corona crisis and provided additional support and obtained it, they are now obligated to deposit all the deducted sums and salaries in the employees’ accounts before the 15th of September.

They continued: The Kuwaiti in the private sector has the right to receive his full salary from the company in addition to the employment support provided by the authority, which is deposited on a monthly basis as financial benefits and social allowances, while what is disbursed to the establishments as additional support is to complete what is deducted from the salaries of citizens and not to deposit it as additional amounts for them.

And she indicated that last Wednesday, the Commission disbursed the additional support scheduled for national workers registered in Chapter Three for the benefit of business owners in their bank accounts, where financial payments were made for three months, which is the month of “6,7,8” in one payment while the three months will be disbursed The remainder of the additional support, respectively, from September to next November.

They added: The Commission will verify the firms ’commitment to automatically transfer the salaries of the national workers owed in coordination with banks and financial institutions, and in the event that the enterprises obtaining the support do not comply with this, the payment of the fourth installment for the month of 9 will be stopped, and that those who spend the last three months will be considered indebted.