The Kuwaiti Ministry of Trade and Industry said that it issued 698 licenses to companies through the Kuwait Business Center “One Stop Shop” during the month of August.

The ministry stated in a press release today that the aforementioned licenses varied between 655 licenses for private companies, 10 for free micro companies, and 33 for mobile vehicles.

They added that the Single Window had received 3727 applications to establish individual companies, of which 2,290 were approved, indicating that 311 companies have been established and 1824 are being established.

The Ministry indicated that it had received 1,560 applications for licenses for individual companies, 655 of which were issued with 488 under issuance, in addition to 113 applications for establishing micro-free companies, of which 36 were approved.

And it reported that it issued 33 licenses for mobile vehicles out of 79 submitted applications, while the 46 applications are still under issuance, indicating that the total number of incorporation applications reached 254, of which 183 were approved, and six were established companies.