The British newspaper added that the results of two clinical trials that were conducted in Moscow and published today in the prestigious British magazine “The Lancet”, indicate that the vaccine is safe and effective.

The results indicated that the Russian “Sputnik-5” vaccine for Covid-19 disease stimulated a response by creating antibodies in all participants in the early-stage trials.

The Russian scientists who conducted the study said that the injection stimulated an immune response in all participants in the vaccine trial and did not cause any serious health problems.

Repel Coronavirus

The production of the antibodies seen in the patients indicates that the vaccine was able to prepare the body to be effective in fending off the Corona virus.

Independent Western scientists said the results were “somewhat reassuring” but warned that the trials were too small and narrow to warrant the injection of millions of Russians.

Only 76 people participated in the study, and the volunteers were all healthy and most of them were in their 20s and 30s.

Vaccines can be more dangerous in the elderly and the weak because their immune systems are too weak to fight the tiny amounts of virus in the vaccine.

Encouraging results

In addition, scientists in the United States and the United Kingdom, who were not involved in the work, said that the results were “encouraging” and that the vaccine showed “promise”.

However, they were still concerned about the search quality and the gun jumped and pumped the punch at people too early.

The research was not randomized or placebo-controlled, which means that it was not conducted to the highest scientific standards and the effects of the vaccine could not be compared with the health of people who did not receive it.

The experiments were carried out in two Moscow hospitals, Burdenko Hospital and Sechinov University Hospital.

 Russia began testing the final stages of the vaccine on 40,000 people last week.

The first vaccine in the world

And “Sputnik” has become the first vaccine for the Corona virus in the world that was approved for collective use last month, while Russian President Vladimir Putin is looking forward to starting its use in Russia next October.

The move caused an uproar in the scientific community because there was no evidence to prove that the vaccine works effectively and safely.

Steal research

On the other hand, the “Daily Mail” said that it emerged later that British spies had discovered a Russian cyber attack on Oxford University scientists developing an almost identical vaccine, which raised fears that Moscow had tried to steal research from the United Kingdom.