Local Arabic news paper Aljarida reported thta Head of the Union of Owners of Domestic Labor Recruitment Agencies, Khaled Al-Dakhnan, confirmed that so far, there are no signs of a breakthrough regarding the resumption of flights from some countries, including those exporting domestic workers, namely India, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Nepal, and the consequent resumption of visas and the rotation of the recruitment wheel again.

Al-Dakhnan told Al-Jarida that the union has addressed several letters to the Public Authority for Manpower and the Ministries of Interior and Foreign Affairs regarding resuming the issuance of visas, but so far he has not received an official response in this regard, stressing the need to resume foreign visas for domestic workers, especially as the labor market is suffering. There is a lack of it, in light of the suspension of the recruitment of new workers about 7 months ago, and that most of the workers in the country currently have expired work contracts and wish to return to their countries.

192 complaints to eliminate

On the other hand, the Public Authority for Manpower issued a statistic for the Department of Regulating the Recruitment of Domestic Workers during the past month, which showed that the total actual recruitment offices registered with the Department amounted to 483, with 1628 registered workers, adding that the total complaints submitted to the Department from April 2019 until now There were 794 complaints, of which 307 were completed, 192 were referred to the judiciary, and 155 were resolved amicably.

The statistic indicated that the total licenses of practitioners of the profession, which were renewed, amounted to 75, while the total amounts collected for labor amounted to 1,133 dinars, and 65,879 obtained from office owners for the benefit of business owners.

Source : https://www.aljarida.com/articles/1599146413372646100/