Minister of Health, Sheikh Dr. Basil Al-Sabah, called yesterday for the necessity of cooperation to reduce infection with the Coronavirus, by adhering to health requirements, so that the openness continues without the need to return to the partial ban

While it seems that the minister’s call came in line with the arrival of the number of injuries yesterday to 900 new cases of Corona disease during the past twenty-four hours, health sources confirmed that although the number is large and that there is a jump in the hundreds, the infection rate in the country is stable, Pointing out that the infection rate reached 16.5%, with the number of swabs performed in the past twenty-four hours, which amounted to 5441 swabs, bringing the total to 631,482 examinations, while in the past the percentage exceeded 20%.

This comes as the Ministry of Health announcedYesterday, 900 new cases of Corona disease were recorded in the previous twenty-four hours, bringing the total number of cases registered in the country to 87,378, while one death was recorded as a result of contracting the disease, bringing the total number of deaths recorded until yesterday to 536.

The ministry’s spokesman, Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad said that among the previous cases that were confirmed to be infected were cases of contacts with confirmed cases and others under search for the source of infection and examining those in contact with it.

Dr. Al-Sanad stated that the injuries were distributed according to the health regions, with 229 cases in the Hawalli Health District, 201 in Farwaniya Health Center, 178 in the Health Capital, 175 in Al-Ahmadi Health Center and 117 in Al-Jahra Health Center.

He indicated that the number of people receiving medical care in intensive care departments reached 93.

And the Ministry of Health announced earlier yesterday that 582 injuries had recovered in the previous twenty-four hours, bringing the total number of cases of recovery from Corona to 7879