Saudi Airlines revealed the travel conditions and guidelines for the Kingdom and the requirements for flying to 25 countries, based on directives issued by the health authorities in the Kingdom, in a step that could pave the way for the return of flights after a hiatus of several months.

The list of countries that can travel to included: Kuwait, the Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia, Morocco, China, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Turkey, Greece, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Malaysia, South Africa, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria and Indonesia.

And it announced 7 conditions for returning to the Kingdom, which are:

1- All guests must complete and sign the Health Conditions Commitment Commitment Form and deliver it later to the airport health control center upon arrival.

2- All guests will undergo self-quarantine at home for a period of 7 days (3 days for health practitioners with a negative sample at the end of the quarantine period).

3- All guests must install and register for two apps.

4- Guests must locate the home through Tatman app within 8 hours of arrival.

5- Guests should monitor the symptoms of the emerging corona virus and call 937 immediately if any of the symptoms appear, or go to the health center or emergency when necessary.

6- Guests must log in to Tatman app and take a daily health assessment.

7- Guests must follow the precautionary measures during self-quarantine at home, as mentioned in the Health Requirements Commitment Form. Saudi Airlines temporarily suspended all international flights in mid-March, to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, and then resumed domestic flights at the end of last May, after implementing preventive measures, including temperature checks for employees and guests alike before entering the airport building, and making sure everyone wears masks inside. The airport and on board the plane and adhere to social distancing before entering the terminal and at all sites inside the airport, where all sites were equipped with posters and instructions