Air India announces schedule of 27 flights during September as part of the 6th phase of Vande Bharath mission.

This includes 3 service to Ahmedabad, Mumbai(6), Delhi(11), Goa(3), Vijayawada(4), Hyderabad(4), Chennai(2), Lucknow(4), Bengaluru(4), Kochi(4) and Amritsar(3)

Th complete schedule is given below:

AI1990- 11th September – Kuwait-Ahmedabad-Mumbai

AI1962- 11th September – Kuwait-Delhi

AI1990- 12th September – Kuwait-Goa-Mumbai

AI1962- 13th September-Kuwait-Vijayawada-Hyderabad

Ai1943- 13th September-Kuwait-Chennai

Ai1972- 14th September – Kuwait-Lucknow-Delhi

Ai1954- 14th September – Kuwait-Kochi-Bengaluru

Ai1962- 15th September – Kuwait-Delhi

Ai1974- 16th September – Kuwait- Amritsar- Delhi

Ai1990- 17th September – Kuwait-Ahmedabad-Mumbai

Ai1972- 18th September – Kuwait-Lucknow-Delhi

Ai1962- 18th September – Kuwait-Delhi

Ai1962- 19th September – Kuwait-Vijayawada-Hyderabad

Ai1954- 19th September – Kuwait-Kochi-Bengaluru

Ai1990- 20th September – Kuwait-Goa-Mumbai

Ai1954- 22nd September – Kuwait-Kochi-Bengaluru

Ai1974- 23rd September – Kuwait- Amritsar- Delhi

Ai1962- 24th September – Kuwait-Vijayawada-Hyderabad

Ai1943- 24th September – Kuwait-Chennai

Ai1990- 25th September – Kuwait-Ahmedabad-Mumbai

Ai1972- 25th September – Kuwait-Lucknow-Delhi

Ai1962- 26th September – Kuwait-Delhi

Ai1974- 27th September – Kuwait- Amritsar- Delhi

Ai1990- 27th September – Kuwait-Goa-Mumbai

Ai1972- 28th September – Kuwait-Lucknow-Delhi

Ai1962- 29th September – Kuwait-Vijayawada-Hyderabad Ai1954- 29th September – Kuwait-Kochi-Bengaluru