local Arabic newspaper Reported that The Public Authority for Manpower has begun preparing a database for all those who have reached the age of 60 years and over, holders of a high school diploma or less, and the equivalent certificates, in implementation of the decision to prohibit all procedures on them from issuing, transferring and renewing a work permit, starting from next year.

An official source in the authority revealed that the total number of expatriate workers aged 59 years old who hold a high school diploma or less, is 68,318 workers, stressing “the importance of the decision that comes within the government’s vision to address demographic imbalances. And its impact on the labor market .

Regarding those whose work permit has expired during this period, the source clarified that “at the present time the worker (who has reached fifty-nine, and who has reached the age of sixty) can renew and transfer for a period of only one year, provided that all procedures stop with the entry into force of the decision 1 January of next year , indicating that the goal is to give the worker the opportunity to end his ties in the country, provided that all those to whom the decision applies to leave the end of 2021