While the Ministry of Health is following up on the developments of medicines and vaccines that some countries of the world are racing against time to adopt in treating Corona and limiting its spread, informed sources in the Ministry revealed that the medicine Avigan has achieved positive and encouraging results, after more than 10 days have passed since it was used in Treating Corona virus patients.

Avigan medicine is a tablet, and it promotes the early discharge of the injured from the hospital, and it can also be taken when the first symptoms of the Corona virus appear, indicating that it was used with about 20 patients, distributed in Jaber Hospital and the field hospital in Mushrif.

The sources stated that the patient signs a declaration agreeing to use the drug, based on the instructions of the Ministry of Health, prior to taking it, noting that it is used with moderate and mild cases of COVID-19 patients, and is not used with patients in intensive care departments.

Healing Growing

The sources suggested that the rates of recovery will increase during the coming period, compared to the number of injured people who will be used with them, and the distributors in other hospitals that contain wards for “Covid-19”, where there are currently requests for its use, explaining that the injured who feel short of breath and need oxygen is recommended. By giving them medicine.

The sources pointed out that the use of Avigan by the Ministry of Health came in accordance with the guidelines for use prepared from Japan, and in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization, pointing out that most patients who use it change their examinations from positive to negative within 5 days of treatment using the drug, instead of 10 Without using it.

And she continued: The first therapeutic indications for this drug indicated that it prevents the reproduction of the Corona virus in the patient’s body, as it depends on inhibiting the viral reproduction, noting that the Ministry is monitoring the latest developments of treatments and vaccines for the virus, which are being completed clinical trials and then officially approved by international organizations with jurisdiction .