Researchers have warned that excessive use of hand sanitizer gel during the Corona virus pandemic may lead to the emergence of the superbugs “Armageddon”, because bacteria and other viruses are able to build resistance.

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” quoted Dr. Andrew Kemp, head of the scientific advisory board at the British Institute of Cleaning Sciences and the leader of the study, as saying that the excessive use of alcohol-containing gels during the epidemic will allow the bacteria and other viruses on our hands to adapt and remain Life.

Kemp said that this could lead to a situation of “Armageddon”, noting that fear of the spread of the Corona virus around the world led to a state of panic to buy hand sanitizer gel, which forced some retailers to ration their supplies of these products. The British newspaper pointed out that despite the stability of demand with the advancement of the epidemic, hand sanitizers are still used routinely, and are often placed at the entrances of stores and other institutions, which prompted Dr. Kemp to demand a focus on hand washing instead of using sterilizers excessively, to get rid From bacteria and viruses