The UAE police announced today, Monday, that two people have died as a result of an explosion caused by gas installations in a restaurant in a building on Rashid
bin Saeed Street in Abu Dhabi .

The police said, according to the “Al-Bayan” newspaper website today, that one of them was at the site and died as a result of being directly affected by the explosion, and the other on the opposite side and died as a result of a concrete block falling on him while he was passing through the area.

A report had been received in the operations room this morning about an explosion in a restaurant, and the rapid intervention teams moved immediately to the Al Falah Center in the Emergency and Public Safety Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police.

Abu Dhabi Police evacuated the building safely from all residents, and work is underway to provide temporary housing until the building is fully secured.

According to the field investigations, the causes of the accident were identified, which resulted from a mistake in securing the gas installations, which caused its leakage after the completion of the
periodic filling process .