Senior health sources received the first day of lifting the ban in the country with more caution and fear of a second wave of “Corona”, which increases concern that it will coincide with the seasonal flu season.

These sources denied to local arabic news paper Al-Qabas that any intention to re-impose the ban again in the country, especially in light of the widespread popular rejection of the return of Corona restrictions after easing them, but the sources stressed that the way to that is to adhere to health requirements, social distancing, wearing masks, and avoiding gatherings. .

The sources gave an example of a number of countries that returned to square one after their success in controlling the epidemic. Because of its citizens not abiding by the instructions of the health authorities.

Among the most prominent of those countries that resumed strict measures after the opening up was Jordan, which re-imposed a comprehensive embargo in the cities of Amman and Zarqa, in addition to Palestine, especially Gaza, Libya, and Tunisia.

In addition to many European countries experiencing a new spread of the epidemic, it prompted governments to take drastic measures to reduce infections and prevent a devastating second wave.

The sources assured that the government health preparations are good, and that efforts are continuing to provide appropriate vaccinations before the flu season arrives, calling for awareness-raising by wearing masks, spacing and avoiding sneezing and coughing without covering the nose and mouth.

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