Tomarrow (Tuesday) the new academic year train starts with the attendance of 72,000 members of the educational and administrative staff in kindergarten, primary and intermediate stages more than a month before the start of students’ studies through the “distance education” system.

According to informed sources, teachers and administrators in these stages will be working in a rotation system to prevent congestion in implementation of the recommendations of the health authorities, and the public education sector has also prepared a plan to train teachers on distance education applications that precedes the start of the students ’attendance scheduled for next October 4, amid teachers’ concerns that they transferred to Al Qabas From the recurrence of problems faced by their high school classmates, such as malfunctions of air-conditioning, poor internet, and the lack of equipment for teachers.

Sources revealed instructions to limit the number of teachers stranded abroad who were unable to return due to the decision to halt air traffic with their countries.

Always controls

In terms of working hours, the Ministry of Education issued a bulletin on school attendance controls for school personnel in the various educational stages, religious education, special education and private schools, stressing the need to adhere to the requirements set by the health authorities, and specifying school attendance for teachers and administrators from eight in the morning until one in the afternoon. She indicated that school workers other than the supervisory body apply the attendance rate according to the Civil Service Bureau controls according to the rules of gradual return to work, stressing the need for the attendance of the teacher assigned to work on the educational portal to teach all classes of the different educational stages a quarter of an hour before the start of the class, with an exemption Some school personnel and consider them as rest days in accordance with the Civil Service Bureau regulations for the gradual return to work, provided that the excuses are submitted to the school administration and then submitted to the competent authority in the educational zone