General Director of the Public Authority for Civil Information, Musaed Al-Asousi, announced that all citizens’ cards have been issued since August 20, with a total number of 105,000 cards.

Al-Asousi said, in a press statement today, Sunday, that citizens’ cards are currently issued within 24 hours if they do not have issuance barriers or require central review, such as address change transactions.

He added that the authority issued the last batch of domestic workers’ cards (Article 20) during the weekend with 26,000 cards, bringing the total of what has been issued since the resumption of work on the fifth of July, about 115,000 cards for domestic workers.

He pointed out that the cards will be distributed to the authority’s branches in the main building in South Surra and the Jahra and Ahmadi branches during this week.

He mentioned that 190,000 civil cards have been issued to expatriates since the resumption of work, bringing the total to 410,000 civil cards, pointing out that the focus will be on issuing expatriate cards in the next phase.

He pointed out that the “My Identity” application replaces the civil ID card in all government and private sector transactions, based on the Cabinet’s decision, in addition to other features such as authentication and electronic signature.

Al-Asousi expressed his thanks to all employees of the authority for their great efforts and working 12 hours a day to achieve what has been accomplished within 40 working days.