The Joint Ministerial Committee to follow up on the requirements for preventing the Corona virus has set the parameters of the post-ban phase, Tomorrow Sunday, as it approved a “cautious return” based on strict adherence to preventive measures on the one hand, and the gradual increase in the working hours of activities on the other hand.

Sources in the committee revealed that its meeting discussed the approach prepared by the Kuwait Municipality in terms of maintaining working hours in the first week of lifting the ban, as announced at the beginning of the fourth phase, with the exception of cooperative societies, parallel markets, food shopping centers and groceries in investment areas. And commercial activities that will be available for work on a 24-hour period to meet the needs of the population, with the working hours of other activities gradually increasing in the second week.

In preparation for the next stage, an informed security source revealed to that the Ministry of Interior had prepared a special integrated security plan to deal with the health situation after the partial ban was lifted early next week, which includes fixed points in the compounds.

The source added that the instructions included in the plan stipulated that any report about gatherings be dealt with immediately, whether in diwaniyas or public squares, or holding wedding parties or funeral councils, explaining that the ministry has prepared a special force to support government agencies in the event that field support is required.

As it represents the focus of the next stage procedures according to what will be the developments of “Covid 19”, informed sources confirmed that the Ministry of Health sets health requirements that must be followed, implemented and adhered to during this period, and ministries, government and private institutions and institutions must implement these requirements; In order to protect the health of those who visit its facilities