By 3 o’clock today (Sunday), Kuwait brought down the curtain on the longest curfew in the world linked to the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, which lasted more than 5 months.

The Council of Ministers had taken a decision to impose a partial ban in the country, starting from March 22, as it was tightened to a comprehensive ban in all parts of the country, starting from May 10, until it was subsequently reduced on May 30 to a partial ban, whose hours were reduced. Until a decision was made to cancel it permanently, as of today (Sunday).

The decision to lift the ban came to indicate that life breathed a sigh of relief after a long lockdown period, which witnessed many activities, some of which are still closed.

The death toll from Corona injuries in the country during the past three days rose to about 2,000 new cases, as last Thursday 674 cases were recorded, and 633 (Friday), while it was announced yesterday (Saturday) that 646 injuries were recorded, bringing the total number of cases registered in the country to 84,224. While 3 deaths were recorded as a result of contracting the disease, for a total of 528 deaths were recorded.

673 injured people joined the recovered, bringing the total number of recovery cases to 75,993.

The spokesman for the ministry said d. Abdullah Al-Sanad said that among the previous cases that were confirmed to be infected were cases of contact with cases confirmed to be infected and others under investigation for the source of infection and examining those in contact with them.

He stated that the injuries were distributed according to the health regions, with 175 cases in Ahmadi, 126 in Al-Jahra, 123 in Farawaniyah, 117 cases in Hawalli, and 105 cases in the capital.

And he indicated that the number of people receiving medical care in the intensive care departments reached 92 cases, making the total of all cases that were confirmed to have (Covid 19) disease and are still receiving the necessary medical care 7703 cases. He pointed out that the number of swabs that were performed during the past 24 hours reached 3718, bringing the total to 611639 examination.