The field team of the Kuwait Red Crescent Society in Lebanon visited today the families affected by the Beirut Port explosion, surveying their conditions and handed them electrical devices that would help them cope with their emergency conditions.

The head of the association’s delegation to Lebanon, Dr. Musaed Al-Enezi, said in a statement to “KUNA” that “the association seeks in this step to alleviate the affected families, and that these devices are a gift from the Kuwaiti people.”

He pointed out that the devices included refrigerators, air conditioners and televisions, and they were distributed directly to the affected families registered in the LRC lists according to the priority of need.

The Kuwaiti Red Crescent team visited the wounded Lebanese to find out their conditions and alleviate their psychological suffering.

Al-Enezi stressed that Kuwait and the Kuwaiti Red Crescent stand by their side, to restore hope and smile to their souls and take care of their lives.”

The Red Crescent field team continued its efforts in supporting hospitals affected by the explosion, by providing medical supplies and wheelchairs to Karantina Hospital.

In this regard, Al-Enezi praised the private sector, companies and institutions operating in Kuwait for their support for humanitarian work, and also praised the citizens and residents who took the initiative to donate to families through the Kuwaiti Red Crescent to support the brothers in Lebanon.

For their part, the price of the affected family members is the Kuwaiti Red Crescent’s move, which contributes to helping them cope with their difficult circumstances and helps alleviate their suffering.

He also thanked the families of the wounded Kuwait, its support and the expedition of the Lebanese to help them.