According Alrai Media The commercial operation of Kuwait International Airport circled with the early hours of Saturday morning, as the T4 passenger terminal received many citizens leaving the country.

And London has always been one of the most attractive destinations for Kuwaiti citizens, as the first flight witnessed a varied turnout of travelers in terms of age and purpose of travel.

A number of citizens leaving for London revealed that their travel is for the purpose of tourism, others are returning to their work, and the rest is aimed at completing treatment there.
This comes amid special preparations from citizens regarding the purchase of required health insurance policies, as well as a PCR examination before traveling.

Amidst predetermined regulatory and precautionary measures, Kuwaiti travelers heading to London began entering the T4 passenger terminal.
In this regard, Kuwaiti citizen Umm Muhammad Al-Rashidi expressed her happiness at starting commercial operation and opening the airport, stating that the opening of the airport was a good factor that allowed her to complete the treatment of her son abroad.
In turn, the citizen Khawla Al-Jassim said that she is leaving Kuwait to London today due to tourism opportunities, just as she used to spend the summer period there.

Al-Jassem pointed out that all travel procedures are “easy”, not to mention the level of commitment to precautionary health measures.
She confirmed that she has completed her travel preparations by providing the obligatory health insurance policy for Corona, and has increased the procedures by examining the PCR even though it is not required on that destination.

For his part, the citizen Abdul-Rahman Al-Mutairi said that he was traveling with his quarter to London for the purpose of tourism for a month, given the mild weather there compared to Kuwait.

Al-Mutairi added that he is ready to increase his stay in London if the conditions for compulsory quarantine for returnees continue for two weeks.
In a related context, the Kuwaiti airport received the great returns from abroad with two trips from Qatar and Turkey.