The Civil Aviation Authority announced today, Saturday, the ban on commercial aviation to 31 destinations, according to the health authorities ’instructions, and given the situation and the repercussions of the spread of the Covid 19 virus in high-risk countries.

The Civil Aviation Authority, through its account on Twitter, mentioned the countries that were subject to the ban, as follows: «India – Iran – China – Brazil – Colombia – Armenia – Bangladesh – Philippines – Syria – Spain – Singapore – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Sri Lanka – Nepal – Iraq – Mexico – Indonesia – Chile – Pakistan – Egypt – Lebanon – Hong Kong – Italy – Northern Macedonia – Moldova – Panama – Peru – Serbia – Montenegro – Dominican Republic – Kosovo ». The Kuwaiti government has announced that citizens and residents in the country are allowed to travel to and from Kuwait, with the exception of 7 countries whose arrivals are prohibited: Bangladesh, the Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal and Iran. Governmental sources have reported to Al-Qabas that preventing the citizens of the seven countries from entering a health decision is not political, adding that most of those coming from these countries are from domestic workers, in addition to those who enter the country for the first time and need health isolation before working in the homes of citizens , As well as the current health conditions in those countries. The sources stated that the ban is subject to change and amendment, and that most countries have a list preventing entry of citizens of some countries until the study of global and local health indicators.