Qatar announced today, Tuesday, a review of travel-related policies that will be implemented as of August 1 due to the “Corona virus – Covid 19” virus, based on public health indicators in the country and the rest of the world.
“In the framework of the gradual lifting of the restrictions imposed by the (Corona) pandemic, the quarantine policy has been reviewed and it has been decided that all those coming to Qatar from low-risk countries should be obligated to conduct a virus detection screening upon their arrival at the airport,” the Qatari government liaison office said in a statement.
“The arrivals must also sign a formal commitment to adhere to the quarantine for a week,” the statement added.
He explained that after the week has passed, the person must go to one of the accredited health centers to perform (Corona) examination again “If the case is positive, the person will be transferred to isolation and if it is negative, the quarantine period ends with the end of the week.”
He pointed out that the list of low-risk countries will be published on the Qatar Ministry of Public Health website and will be announced by the General Authority of Civil Aviation indicating that a review of this list will take place every two weeks.
He stated that in the event that there are (Corona) accredited examination centers in one of these countries, obtaining a virus-free certificate from one of these centers will exempt the person from the examination at the airport upon arrival in the country, provided that the date of obtaining the certificate does not exceed 48 hours before traveling.
He said that all those coming from countries that were not mentioned in the list of low-risk countries in which the Corona testing centers were certified must be required to obtain and obtain a certificate of freedom from the virus no more than 48 hours before traveling.
He explained that those coming from the rest of the countries that were not mentioned in the list of low-risk countries in which centers that did not accredit (Corona) will be subjected to a hotel stone at their own expense for a week, provided that the hotel stay is booked through the website (Discover Qatar) before arriving to Qatar.
He added that after a week has passed since the date of the beginning of the hotel quarantine, the exit of the persons will be linked to the examination of (Corona).
He said that Qatari citizens and their wives, spouses, children and permanent residency owners can travel outside the country and return at any time while adhering to all the aforementioned procedures and according to the countries coming from it.
He added, “The cost of the hotel stone is excluded from the patients who receive treatment abroad at the expense of the state and their registered companions and the scholars who are dispatched to work assignments, as the sending party will cover the costs of the hotel stone, if the conditions of the hotel stone are applied to the person.”
He stated that the residents will be allowed to return to Qatar starting from the first of August, where the entry mechanism will be organized for the residents based on a series of priorities, including public health indicators, the nature of the needs in the governmental and semi-governmental sectors, and various humanitarian cases, through submitting requests for return permits via the website of (Qatar Gate) (End) nn.eds